street scene

Zhu Hong: Street Scene Maverick of Singapore

We are pleased to share that Zhu Hong will be one of our chosen artists to exhibit from the 1st of July to 1st of September 2019 at The American Club, Singapore. The show; “Generations of Artistic Pursuit” will feature a range of artworks in this showcase will feature artists from second, third to fourth generations of Singaporean artists. They were specially chosen to reflect the best of their individual techniques and flair. From rich and vivid tones depicting scenes of yesteryears, to the delicate yet powerful tones that bring out the subtle moods of cultural landscapes and calligraphy. The showcase also aims to provide a retrospective of these artworks for visitors to widen their artistic knowledge and appreciation of homegrown artistic talents.

In his creations, Zhu Hong’s expresses his understanding of, and passion for architecture through the way he captures the essence of a street and its immediate surroundings. To achieve his unique style, Zhu Hong focuses on raw expressions, as opposed to closely following drawn lines.