Cityspace: Contemporary Ink by Tung Yue Nang

9 - 20 April 2016
Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery

Nanyang Treasures

21 - 24 January 2016
Marina Bay Sands
Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Level B2

Nanyang Contemporary

21 - 24 January 2016
Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre
Halls 401 - 403, Level 4


Tung Yue Nang 邓汝能

Born Singapore | 1959

Tung Yue Nang, Singapore’s third generation artist, shows maturity in his artistic concepts and is skilful in his handling of the Chinese brush and ink. Tung, a deeply-rooted Singaporean, believes in the promotion of our unique culture and an ardent supporter in the preservation of our way of life. Tung spends a substantial amount of time painting on the spot, and exhibits great assiduousness when observing his vivid surroundings. This enables him to create forceful and emotional works.

In Tung’s current set of works, he focuses on preserving the brilliant culture and heritage that is uniquely Singapore. In his various renditions of our modern city, he creates an aura of harmony through his depiction of the different communities, culture and the people interacting within it. Tung is able to capture the humanity of the city through his paintings, and he attributes this to the fact that he lives in them, understands his surroundings, culture and traditions, and experiences the ever-changing concept of life. 

Featured: Tung Yue Nang, Jubilant, 2015, Ink on rice paper, 92 x 122cm