The gallery aims to cultivate awareness in the local and international art industry. By producing short biopics and news articles, we aim to promote and expose Singaporean artists. So do enjoy these visual journeys that we hope will enrich and captivate our viewers.

In this podcast, we interview 1989 Cultural Medallion Award winner, Mr Goh Beng Kwan, to find out about the inspirations behind his abstract paintings. He gave us an insight on Collage as an art form and the importance of nature.

In this latest episode of Art Talks, we are introducing 2 artworks by artist Zhu Hong, who depicts street scenes of Singapore in his own unique way. Vibrant colours, the joyful atmosphere that he creates and the distinct interpretation of the architecture are some of the highlights in his creations.

In this episode, we are having a closer look at a sculpture by Singaporean sculptor Lim Leong Seng. Made in 2012, this work titled Childhood Memories brings the viewer back to the good old times, where fun could be derived from the simplest of activities.

In the second episode of Art Talks, Singaporean art writer and artist, Mr Choy Weng Yang shares with you the beginnings of Lim Tze Peng coloured calligraphy.

We are kicking of a new series of short videos, that introduces an artwork or a Singaporean artist in one minute. In this episode, art critic and historian Dr Woo takes a critical look at Wang Fei's Sekinchan.

This video revisits the scenes of the art exhibition titled Expressionistic Symphony, by Singaporean Artist Terence Teo. Held at Ion Art, Ion Orchard in 2015, the exhibition showcased contemporary works that focused on subjects of nature, such as trees, flowers and waterbodies.

In his episode, we followed local artist; Wang Fei, to learn more of his artistic pursuits, style and how his travels affect his thought process. This humble and low profile artist was a creative director turned full-time oil painter. This series will finally provide eager followers, an insight into the recent adventures and studies of this exciting talent.

On this latest episode, we took this rare opportunity to unveil the vanishing trade that is woodcut printmaking with Singaporean Artist Ho Kah Leong. In order to bring to you an aspect of this fading medium which may be unheard of for the younger and budding artists, this exploration dives into his artistic and socialistic beliefs.

In this episode, we embarked on a project of looking into the art practice of Singaporean Artist Eng Siak Loy. In order to bring to you a thorough outlook of this painter which you may hardly ever get to see, we explored the places he painted and understood his artistic beliefs.

In this video, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery profiles Singaporean artist Lim Tze Peng. He is the oldest living art practitioner in Singapore, whose works are widely collected by art enthusiasts. Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery has been representing Mr Lim's works since year 2000, amassing a collection of his unique paintings.