Born 1947 – 2008, Guangdong, China


1953    Migrated to Singapore
1989    Graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts (Advanced Diploma)
1991    UOB 10th Painting of the Year Award (Grand Prize)
1995    Graduated from University of Western Sydney (MA (Hons) Visual Arts)
1999    Cultural Medallion Award, Singapore

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Chua Ek Kay: After the Rain, National Gallery, Singapore
2005    Yixi: Recent Paintings of Chua Ek Kay, ShangHai Art Museum, China
2001    Street Scenes Revisited - Soobin Gallery, Singapore
2000    Lyrical Spaces, Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore
1998    Master of the Wilderness, Art Forum, Singapore
1997    Color of Infinity, CHIJMES, Singapore
1995    Recent Works by Chua Ek Kay, University of Western Sydney, Australia
1992    Duality and Tension, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016    Nanyang Treasures, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard,
2014    Nanyang Visionaries, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard,
2006    Modern Ink Painting from Singapore, 5th International Ink Biennial,
Shenzhen, China
2003    Contemporary Art & Calligraphy Exhibition, Chengdu and Shanghai,
2002    Timeless Space Damask Asia, London, United Kingdom
2001    Asian Art Today 2001, Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore
1992    Singapore Art Festival, Tai-Ku Sheng, Hong Kong
1991    25 years of Art from Singapore, Meridian House International, Washington
DC, Indianapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles and Honolulu, USA

Chua Ek Kay has been hailed as the bridge between Asian and Western art remains an inspiration to many of his contemporaries as well as the rising generation of artists in Singapore. Chua Ek Kay’s work is grounded in a perfect balance of the various elements of Chinese art – calligraphy, classical poetry, painting and seal-carving, in tandem with the free expression of Western contemporary style. These elements can be clearly seen in Ek Kay’s hallmark Lotus and Street Scene series.